The Power of VETEA

The Power of Quality Education

  • We provide a wide range of education
  • We provide Australian qualifications which are recognised worldwide
  • We provide quality and caring student services
  • We create pathways to Australian universities and further studies through education

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The Power of Significant Training

  • We have the best quality trainers and assessors with vast industry experience
  • We customise our training resources to meet employer and industries requirements
  • We have industry partners for training across Australia and various parts of the world
  • We provide students with mentoring programs to establish work practices within industries
  • We connect you with the right employers to achieve job outcomes

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The Power of Successful Employment

  • We focus on employment outcomes
  • Skills equipped for global employment requirements
  • Creating partnerships with Australian and overseas employers
  • We provide our students with recruitment and job placement services
  • Connecting our students with an employer in Australia and abroad
  • Assist our students to find employment while they are studying
  • Empower our students with employability skills to become job ready
  • Access to VETEA’s Job Club, where students will gain the experience of the real work environment

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The Power of Ongoing Skills Development

  • Continuously update your skills and knowledge
  • Contribute to the improvement of your company’s profits
  • Provide Continuous Professional Development programs (CPD)
  • Improve your capabilities across the range of tasks you carry out
  • Provide various ways to extend and expand your skills and knowledge
  • Adapt to industry changes and overcoming barriers of employment with a positive approach

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