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Vocational Education, Training and Employment Australia Limited (VETEA) is an Australian-owned, public organisation; providing education, training, employment and skills development services. VETEA is a unique and leading vocational training and employment organisation in Australia.

VETEA consists of twenty five subsidiary organisations, two partners and nine affiliated organisations managed by a board of directors.

VETEA provides educational and professional employment services for the life of your career, from school, progressing through vocational education and training into a career or direct to higher education.

VETEA offers exceptional employment consultation, career-planning and ongoing skills development. It’s the pathway to every stage of your future career.

VETEA has one mission; to become the premier provider of education, training, employment and skills development around the world. At VETEA, we believe that the world is changing rapidly and in order to meet the demands of a fast-paced environment, education and training organisations must connect students, employers, and industries on a genuinely global scale.

VETEA is moving with the globalisation of vocational education and training with Australia’s high standards of educational excellence. Australia has an excellent reputation and a long history for delivering a high standard of education and has long been recognised internationally. Australia has the second-best quality of life in the world, measured by the United Nations Development Programme’s Human Development Index 2015, a summary measure of life expectancy, education and standards of living across 188 countries.

Australia is leading the world in vocational education and training, and at VETEA, we are looking to share our experience, skills, and knowledge with the world. VETEA is the international parent organisation of many specialised training, education, employment and skills development institutions. VETEA is uniquely positioned to support learners and employers around the world in achieving their career, organisational and commercial goals.

VETEA’s head office is located on the Gold Coast and operates from two offices in Queensland, two offices in Sydney and one office in Melbourne as well as having representatives in all Australian states.

VETEA Limited operates internationally in six countries: VETEA India, VETEA Singapore, VETEA Indonesia, VETEA China and VETEA Malaysia. VETEA will be operating in another four countries (Vietnam, South Korea, Philippines and GCC) by the end of 2019.

Pathways to Australian Qualifications

Continuing Education and Training (CET)
The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) is the policy for regulated qualifications in the Australian education and training system. The AQF is aligned with international qualification frameworks.

The international vocational education and training (VET) system has identified the approach to continuing education and training (CET), based on the priorities of the international changing of work requirements, an ageing workforce and lengthening working lives.

What is CET?
Continuing Education and Training (CET) is any education or training undertaken after an initial qualification or while in the workforce. It helps individuals improve and/or update their knowledge and skills, acquire new skills for a career move or retraining and to continue their personal or professional development. Whether for a promotion, a salary-increase, or personal development, education is never wasted.


Australian Institute of Skills Development (AISD) is a subsidiary of VETEA. AISD is accredited by the Australian Association for Continuing Education and Training (AACET) to deliver a wide range of Advanced Diplomas, Diplomas, Certificates, Skill Sets and short Courses to meet individual, business and industry needs to develop personal, professional skills and knowledge.

AISD’s courses are nationally and internationally endorsed and certified, using integrated sets of competency standards, assessment requirements. Courses are industries defined and developed, with credit arrangements for a specific industry sector or enterprise.

Please click the link below to enrol in AISD CET courses:

All AISD’s continuing education and training (CET) programs are endorsed and certified by industries, the Australian Training Quality Association (ATQA) and the International Association for Quality Education and Training (IAQET). AISD is also accredited by the Australian Association for Continuing Education and Training (AACET) to deliver continuing education and training qualifications.


Australian Academy of Sport Limited (AAS) is a subsidiary of VETEA. AAS was officially launched in 2009 with the aim of providing opportunities of sustained growth for elite athletes and existing or potential sports and recreation workforce participants.

AAS is a specialised sports education and training organisation dedicated towards the personal and professional development of individuals and organisations engaged in the sport and recreation industry including athletes, administrators, coaches, officials, community based organisations and volunteers. We are just as focused on assisting athletes after retirement from professional sports to build their career and lead them through their transition from sport to their business life.

On behalf of the faculty, administrators and staff of AAS, we welcome you to our Academy. AAS is a provider of world class education and training. AAS understands the needs of our partners and offers high quality specialised, comprehensive, individually designed professional sport, training, and academic programs to rapidly resolve their needs.

AAS is a unique institute in Australia. We understand the needs of our clients and offer highly specialised, comprehensive, individually designed sports and educational training programs to cover individuals in Australia and offshore. AAS provides a full excellence range of premium sports and educational, programs and qualifications delivered around the world through a network of delivery partners.

The foundation of AAS’s success is the uniquely talented and dedicated faculty, administrators and staff who share a commitment to high academic standards, comprehensive opportunities for students and individual attention to student needs. In addition to excellent education and training programs and services, AAS offers a truly collegiate environment and is committed to offering its students work experience in Australia and overseas.

AAS’s Continuing Education and Training (CET) programs will provide an excellent platform for a professional career and provide a competitive edge with career opportunities in the Australian and international market.

Please register your interest in the following upcoming courses:

Certificate in Grassroots Coaching Level 1
Certificate in Personal Training
Certificate in Strength and Conditioning
Level 1 Community Coaching Certificate (Swimming)

Please click the link below to enroll in AAS CET courses:

  • Certificate in Sports Psychology
  • Certificate in Sport Nutrition
  • Certificate in Group Fitness Instruction
  • Certificate in Talent Identification and Development
  • Certificate in Facility Management
  • Certificate in Event Coordination
  • Certificate in Event Management
  • Certificate in Sports Management
  • Certificate in Children’s Exercise and Participation
  • Certificate in Strength and Conditioning
  • Diploma of Personal Training
  • Diploma of Sports Coaching
  • Diploma of Sports Development
  • Diploma of Sports Management
  • Diploma of Sports Injury Management

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