What does VETEA mean?

At VETEA, we support you in every stage of your career life circle.

We believe that career development is an exciting life journey. Come join us as we commit to supporting and mentoring you at every step of your career journey.

We provide you with complete and individually-tailored programs.
From school, progressing through vocational education and training into a career or direct to higher education, you can then access employment opportunities and ongoing skills development.

It’s the pathway to your future career.
Enhance your knowledge. Develop industry skills. Boost your employability and your earning potential. Take up opportunities as part of a sought-after, globally-diverse workforce.

YES, you can achieve all this with VETEA.

No matter where you are in the career life circle, we take you to the next stage.

VETEA’s institutions offer a range of programs that put our graduates in high demand. We take pride in our values, and how they contribute to the life of our learners. The quality of our institutions, the expertise of our trainers and teachers, are all part of our strong educational philosophy.

Invest in your future and reap the rewards.